Our Story

The Secret Wine Shop is the dream of Christy Bergman.  She grew up on a farm in Northern California's Humboldt County, and her father taught agriculture at the community college.  She studied mathematics at Stanford University.  Later in life, she lived 5 years in Paris, France, gastronomic capitol of the world.  Paris is where Christy first learned about and began to appreciate wine.  It was the Salon des Grands Vins, Paris 2003.  The wines were absolutely amazing, many were actually affordable, and the connoisseurs there were oh so serious about their wine.  Over the years, she developed her French sensibilities for food & wine (and clothes) and they have since become part of her everyday life.  In Paris, Christy lived the quintessential bohemian life of artist, writer, & composer, all the while never forgetting her agricultural roots.

Returning to the USA, she started taking wine making & viticulture classes at UC Davis.  She also started working at various wineries in Sonoma.  What she realized working Harvest 2009 was that CA wine is way under appreciated.  Wine documentaries such as Mondo Vino, portrayed European wineries as small, time honored family wineries; while American wineries were portrayed as mega-corporations such as Gallo and Mondavi.

There are many small, boutique family owned wineries in California.  Many of the grapes are grown on historic lands, some with vines dating back to the late 1800's.  The fruit is 100% hand picked, hand sorted, hand "punched" daily to mix in the tannins.  All the decisions are made painstakingly by the wine maker one vintage at a time.  In a word, California (and even San Francisco) is full of small production, quality hand crafted wines, mostly without a voice in their closest big metropolitan area of San Francisco.  

That's where the Secret Wine Shop will come in.  We can't promise to always carry exactly the same wine.  We can't promise you'll be able to find these wines anywhere else in San Francisco.  What we can promise is a hand selected choice of wines that represent the best of what CA has to offer at prices that are actually affordable.

We'll throw in a few of the bigger wineries perhaps or a few famous imports for tasting comparisons.  But the uniqueness of the shop will be in providing a place for small production wineries to reach a larger audience.  We'll host educational tasting events monthly, maybe a little more often during peak seasons.  We'll invite the wine makers to pour & talk about their wines.  We really want you, the wine fans, to learn as much as you'd like about each wine, and get a chance to buy some really unique bottles.