Natural wine evening with Alice Feiring (and a cast of natural wine personalities), gourmet food and Paris Art Photographer Bertrand David

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"On nous cache tout, on nous dit rien (
ou l
es jalousies d’un moucharabieh)"

For wine lovers: eat, drink and talk with an array of natural wines experts including Alice Feiring,  Seven "natural" wines selected especially for the evening.

For food lovers: catering by chef Kelly Hughett,, with a serious resume including Ritz-Carlton and Ducasse. Kelly will prepare French-inspired creations sourced from local ingredients.

For art lovers: during the same evening, eat, drink and talk with French art photographer, Bertrand David,, who is flying in from Paris to share the evening with Alice. Discuss his approach to his work, including his expertise in pinhole photography. Obtain limited editions of his work on exhibit exclusively at The Secret Wine Shop. 


Note: Wed (the following night) will be a more budget art-focused evening without the star-chef-prepared food or wine experts to accompany you. RSVP $15.

Seven delicious natural wines and the following people will be present to lead you through your tastes:
1. Alice Feiring, author, wine writer and oustpoken wine pot-stirrer
2. Bertrand David, Paris Photographer and natural wine enthusiast, 
his photos will be up on the walls 
3. Ridgely Evers, owner & wine maker, DaVero Estate Wines
- 2009 DaVero Estate Sagrantino, Dry Creek Valley, $95
- 2009 DaVero Estate Sangiovese, Dry Creek Valley, 
4. Steve Edmunds, owner & wine maker, Edmunds St. John Wines
- 2008 Edmunds St. John Porphyry Gamay, El Dorado County, $20
5. Keven Clancy, partner, Farm Wine imports,
pouring 3 French Joe Dressner wines of Louis/Dressner Selections
- de Moor 2008 Chablis Bel Air et Clardy. $41
- Thierry Puzelat 2009 VdF le Rouge Est Mis, $40
- Dard et Ribo 2008 Crozes Hermitage, $44
6. Keven Clancy, partner, Farm Wine imports,
pouring 2 Spanish Jose Pastor wines of Vinos & Gourmet Selectionss
- Laureano Serres 2009 Abreudor, $17
- Vinya Sanfeliu 2007 Costers del Segre Tempranillo, $24

American journalist and author, for several years a wine and travel columnist for Time magazine,and known as an advocate for "natural wine". In addition to contributions to publications such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Condé Nast Traveler and Forbes Traveler, her blog "The Feiring Line" is considered among America's leading wine blogs, and her voice described by Mike Steinberger as part of a new wave of "real flowering of high-quality wine journalism".


(excerpt from a critique on "Nils & Phil")
It is clear that David made use of the title of this widely known painting by updating it to its exact opposite: in the foreground on the balcony, instead of two beautiful nude women, we are presented with Nils and Phil who look directly into the lens, proudly showing a more contemporary masculine aesthetic, absolutely non-idealized. In the photo, we can read a provocation of the Catholic church by observing the image of the knight fighting in the name of faith and the cross hung over the chimney, in contradiction to the two nude men where one is pinching the nipple of the other. Personally, I do not believe that the photographer wanted to create yet another scandal concerning the position of the Catholic Church and sexuality. I rather believe that he wanted to recall precisely the parody and the irony in the scene direction of broad artistic, historical and social themes, in order to illicit an honest acknowledgement, raw and without rhetoric about the world and how it is changing.


DaVero farm is located in the legendary Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County, and spans a wide range of microclimates. Overall, our climate and topography are a lot like Tuscany, which is what led us to plant Italian olive trees and grape varietals. In keeping with our fundamental approach to farming, our vineyards are small — just a few acres each — and each has unique character that represents itself in the wine. All of our wines are small-production and hand-made at every step of the way. We also believe that wine is simply one ingredient in a meal, and as such should be balanced, food-friendly, delicious — and never pretentious.


Edmunds St John wines begin with exceptional grapes. In the words of Steve Edmunds,
"At harvest, I taste each variety, repeatedly, over a period of days, or weeks, until the flavors start to become vibrant and focussed. At the proper moment, when the balance is lively, the grapes are picked and destemmed, then fermented in open top containers. After pressing, the wine is aged in a simple and time-honored manner without introducing any flavor (such as that derived from brand new oak) that doesn't originate with the grapes themselves. It is our goal to produce wines of the highest level of quality, integrity, and authenticity, the hallmarks of which are balance, nuance, and elegance, wines that express their origins in place and time, wines through which "the earth speaks" in a clear and strong voice."


Wholesale wine import and distribution company selling to restaurants and retailers in California. Wine is a product of the land and the way in which it is brought to bottle is as important as the result, much in the same vein as produce from a farmer’s market. To create a connection that goes beyond supplier and customer, to personalize the wine and show that each bottle is the result of the hard work and commitment of the grower to bring to market an honest representation of their land, heritage and culture. Keven Clancy is the secret force behind Farm Wine Imports and the SF wine scene, he has selected the natural wines served at Terroir Natural Wine Merchants, Bar Agricole, and many other San Francisco wine bars.


Radius supports local farmers, and is part of the very popular and important "slow food nation" movement. Zagat calls this "an all-day Californian slinging an affordable selection of French-inspired, locally sourced" food, beers and wines. One side is a casual café and other a somewhat more formal sit-down, both with ingredient-sourcing rules that extend only 100 miles out.