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DaVero Estates

At DaVero, Nature leads the way when it comes to growing.  DaVero means truth in Italian, and the true nature shows through in all their farm products.  First of all, they made the decision to plant Italian varietals because if you draw a line on a world map from Dry Creek Valley to Europe, you'll find yourself right in the middle of Italy.  DaVero grows olives, grapes (Sangiovese & Sagrantino), citrus, vegetables, lavender.  They make olive oil, wine, jams, honey, and essential oils.  They also raise heritage pigs and chickens.  All this on just 51 acres.

If you look at an aerial photo, you'll see that over half their land is open space or woods, and they intend to keep it that way.  They farm for the future: continually looking for new ways to bring the entire farm together into a more and more closed ecosystem.  DaVero is certified Biodynamic, which they believe to be best for themselves, for us, and for the planet.

Consistent with their Biodynamic farming approach, in wine making they try to intervene as little as possible.  They rack once or twice, use as little sulpher as they can get away with, and let the grapes speak for themselves.  The Sangiovese vineyard is cropped lightly (1-2 tons per acre), and harvested by hand for flavor rather than grape chemistry.  Actually, harvest happens twice: once for the Rosato and once again for the Rosso.  

The Rosato (rosé wine made from Sangiovese) is picked a little "greener" - typically towards the end of September.  This is a true rosé, not a saignée (extra juice from red wine making made into a rosé).  The Rosato is made by gently pressing whole clusters, fermenting dry without the skins in open stainless steel tanks, and aging in neutral oak.  The wine is cold-stabilized just prior to bottling.  The result is "a red wine that's pink" with rich flavors backed by good acidity and structure, best served with rich foods like duck confit.

The Rosso (red wine made from Sangiovese) is picked riper, usually mid-October.  Generally cool weather means the sugars haven't come up much, but the flavors have become richer and deeper.  The juice is fermented in open-top stainless and aged in neutral oak barrels that were used for white wine in their prior lives.  A few drops of Cabernet Franc finish the Sangiovese Rosso, blended just a touch before bottling.  This wine is a joy to drink!  It has a lush mouth feel and a nose filled with dark fruit, and a delightful finish made even richer by the trace of Cabernet Franc.

In a typical year DaVero makes about 100 cases of Rosato and 150 cases of Rosso.  Released generally 2-3 years after harvest.  According to DaVero, "our wines are available solely by prior appointment at the farm or directly through our online store".  The Secret Wine Shop is a rare and lucky establishment to get the honor of carrying their wine!

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